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    Lo que más me gusta es que es una.novela emocionante desde el primer momento, te engancha hasta el final mp3


    Sí buscas amor,pasion,intriga,un poco de sexo claro jajaja todo escrito de una manera unica y delicada como muy bien sabe darnos Ana Forner todo mezclado con un poco de odio y te lo puedes perder engancha desde el minuto uso,super adictivo.


    mp3 Christmas at Promise Lodge by Charlotte Hubbard is the second ebooks in the Promise Lodge series. Mattie Schwartz is ready for the wedding of her son, Noah and his fiancé, Deborah in Promise, Missouri. It starts out as a lovely ceremony until Bishop Lehman gets personal. He states that the other unmarried people (he even names certain individuals) need to get married (he even gives them a time limit). This is not the vision Mattie, Christine, Rosetta, and Amos had for Promise Lodge. Bishop Lehman also does not want women to own and run businesses (he wants them at home cleaning and raising children). The community is upset, but they do not let it ruin this special day for Noah and Deborah. Later Amos proposes to Mattie and she accepts (not because of the Bishop). When Amos tries to get a Frisbee off a shed roof, the roof collapses. Bishop Lehman rushes over and acts like he is going to catch Amos (very odd). Both men end up hurt. Amos has a concussion and he has to stay in a dark room. He needs complete rest for several weeks as he recovers. Bishop Lehman is told to rest, and he refuses to listen (checks himself out of hospital). Bishop Lehman ends up suffering a stroke and loses his ability to speak (he will need therapy). Amos gets frustrated at being cooped up and takes it out on Mattie. Amos, Mattie, and the Lehman family are in for a rough time. They will need faith and prayer to get them through. Join Mattie, Christine, Amos, and Rosetta at the Promise Lodge and see how they handle these difficulties.


    Ce livre est bien écrit sans fautes d\'orthographe ni de frappe. Les personnages sont hauts en couleur et attachants. De l\'humour à la San Antonio. Dommage que le dénouement laisse le lecteur sur sa faim alors que le suspense est continu de bout en bout.


    Una excelente guía para cambiar la manera en la que vemos los problemas del día a día con un enfoque budista y ejemplos contemporáneos. Un lenguaje lúdico y entretenido. Sencillo de digerir. mp3

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